Call Tracker Plus Series

The Call Tracker Plus Series recorder can be used at a single location or it can be used as part of a larger centrally managed Multi-Site application. The Call Tracker Plus series can be configured for 8, 16, 24 or 32 line capacity and can be set to record a combination of lines, analog extensions, or radio channels.

The Call Tracker Plus series operates as a stand-alone 19” Rack-Mounted recorder, there is no PC required. If you have a network and would like to access the recordings from a local PC, simply connect the Call Tracker to an available port on your router and install the provided Call Tracker management software. To access from any PC anywhere, set up port forwarding, and using the Call management software on a remote PC you can then listen to live calls, and recordings from any PC, anywhere, at any time.

The Call Tracker Plus series comes standard with a touch screen display, 1 TB Hard Drive ( 70,000 hours of calls) as well as the ability to integrate with your PBX via an SMDR interface that will enable you to track the calls to the extension that made or received the call (phone system programming required for SMDR integration)

The Call Tracker Plus Series call recorder was designed to meet the needs and requirements of most users. This advanced phone call recording device can be set to record analog lines or any audio signal such as radio channels if desired.

Management & Player Software

The Call Tracker comes with Management Player software that allows you to transfer calls from the device to a computer and play the calls, email, live monitor and review statistical data.



Player Software

The Player Software allows you to sort and search the call records based on Date, Time, Duration, Digits Dialed, Caller ID or Comments. You can email or export the files in our proprietary .xtr format or in .wav format. Comments added to the file become a part of the call record and can be used for searches.

Other Key Features

  • Built-In Speaker
  • Remote Upgradeable Firmware
  • Recording warning announcment or beep tone option
  • Auto-Gain Control
  • E-Mail Notifications
  • Live Call Monitoring
  • Statistical Reports
  • Multi-User Account Access Controls