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Call Tracker - 2, 4 or 8 Line Analog Recorder

Call Tracker is a complete stand-alone call recording solution, no host PC is required and installation is quick and simple. Call Tracker connects directly to your phone lines and records all of your calls onto its built-in memory. Compatible with Analog phones/lines or with a PBX, every call detail is recorded.

By connecting Call Tracker to your data network/Internet you unleash powerful integration, reporting alerting and management features attributed with call recorders costing many, many times more.

These features include SMDR integration with popular phone systems for full extension side reporting, web based reporting, management and secure cloud based call storage and that's just the start. The video below shows the Call Tracker Manager interface used to listen to and reveiw calls.

Call Tracker - Our Stand Alone, Network Integrated Multi-Line Recorder


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With 8GB of built in memory (extendable to 500GB), Call Tracker can store thousands of hours of calls without the need of any external PC storage. The built-in LCD allows simple monitoring and management without the need to continually open up a PC application. Call Tracker comes complete with Tracker Manager software to allow management from anywhere on your LAN/Network. Call Tracker becomes infinitaley more powerful when you connect it to our Web Services which will unleash powerful monitoring, storage reporting and alerting capabilities.

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