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Protecting Your Investment

Continuous Extended Warranty

For a modest annual fee our Protection Policy gives you 100% peace of mind and will ensure your calls continue to be recorded and backed up. With continuous access to our support services, advanced equipment replacement in the event of a fault and remote diagnosis by our expert staff, we'll be here to sort any issue regardless of when you purchased.

Web Based Monitoring, Storage & Reports

Our Protection Policy includes web based monitoring, secure web storage of recordings and real time performance monitoring to inform you of any unusual events or line disconnections.


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Web Services

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At Intelligent Recording it's not just about offering great customer support. We understand that monitoring, reporting & alerting you when problems happen is vital to ensure you don't lose calls or miss business opportunities. That's why our comprehensive Protection Policy combines Extended Warranty, continuous included technical support, PBX Obsolesence (if you chage your phone system we'll update your recorder), Advanced Warranty equipment replacement (we send you the replacement hardware before you send any faulty units back) and great web based services to continuously monitor your Recorder and send you alerts (for example if your phone lines get disconnected). It's all part of the very best support package available!