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BackOffice Recorder Software

BackOffice Recorder Software is included with our Digital 04/16 & ISDN MultiCorder BRI/PRI hardware. It is also a full IP/SIP recorder.

Residing alongside your phone system, BackOffice provides centrally connected comprehensive Phone Recording features for all phone & line types. Our separate Call Manager Supervisor or Call Reporter Pro Enhanced Supervisor software works in conjunction with BackOffice.

Key features include:

  • Mix & match all phone & line types (Digital, Analog, IP/SIP)
  • Store Date, Time, Duraltion, Caller ID, Dialled Digits
  • Connect on extension side or line side with full extension Reports.
  • Store/Archive calls on your network or on our secure web server

Mix & Match Digital, Analog, IP & ISDN line & extension side recording


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BackOffice software forms the heart of our Digital 04/16, MultiCorder and IP/SIP recording solutions. Established over many years as a relaible recording core, you can mix and match any type of recorder using BackOffice and store in a central locations. BackOffice works with our Call Manager and Reporter Pro supervistor positions. BackOffice also integrates fully with our Web Services to deliver the most powerful combinations of call recorders in the Small/Medium business markets.

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BackOffice software can connect to our Web Services to unleash a powerful set of Monitoring, Storage, Reporting & Alerting features accessible on any device!